Employee Spotlight – December 2015 Softway

Ramya Shetty

Softway EmployeesRamya, is the first person to greet you at Softway India. She joined in 2013 and enjoys her role as a front office executive, considering talking, as she says is her favorite past time. One thing she wants to be able to fulfill in her life, is to sponsor a child’s education. In her free time, she also tutors students, flies kites and enjoys a game of carom.





Suresh Jeyam

Suresh JeyamAdding to Softway’s list of men who love to cook is Suresh, a senior software engineer that joined Softway in 2013.He has represented his college at the district level and is talented in writing historical plays. He enjoys catching up with friends and trekking. Working at Softway has taught him to better communicate and never gets bored with the different modules and people he gets to interact with.

Alin Sikdar

Employee Spotlight SoftwaySoftway India, houses a lot of culturally talented people and Alin tops the list. Apart from being a great PHP lead, she is a talented dancer, both contemporary and classical. Creative by nature, Alin’s biggest fear is her life becoming mundane and mechanical with the busy schedule she has on her hands. On her wish-list is a trip to Venice and has Kannada and Bengali that tops her list of languages to learn. She believes in grabbing opportunities-they rarely knock again, replacing expecting by working towards a goal and actions being a key-factor that determines results. In her free time, Alin loves working out, reading and hanging out with family and friends.



Shirline Stany

Employee Spotlight SoftwayA fun loving and adventurous person on this month’s spotlight is Shirline, an associate HR executive. Usually keeping busy with a hectic recruitment schedule, she looks forward to exploring new places and trying out new cuisines. She is a big sea-food fan and someday hopes to experiment raw oyster. She is part of her church choir, a talented dancer & choreographer and an absolute dog lover. On her wish-list is to visit some exotic place, pet some tigers at Thailand and go scuba diving & bungee jumping. With that special ring on her finger, we hope your wishes do come true!


Khalid Hakim


Sara Danger



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