E-learning development: Calculating its ROI & weighing its business benefits Technology

Training your employees is a major investment. However, custom e-learning can be a quick, engaging, and effective means of training your staff. This is true whether you’re training existing staff on new policies, industry advances or bringing new employees into your company. Many companies, particularly medium-sized businesses, may think of e-learning development software as cost-prohibitive. In reality, it may be more cost effective, overall, at training your staff.

Well-designed custom e-learning development can cost less, over time, than paying for trainers or human resources team members to personally instruct each batch of new hires or staff in need of continuing education. E-learning enables you to train more staff in a shorter time. Furthermore, once the initial investment is made, the e-learning software can serve your company for many years.

Is e-learning right for your business?


There are a number of factors to consider before investing in e-learning development. One of them is the number of people you will need to train, how regularly training will need to take place, and how many modules or sessions each employee will need to undergo. Even if your business simply offers a single day of classroom training for new hires, e-learning software may be the better choice when compared with video training or in-person training. Generally, e-learning software is a good investment for businesses that train staff regularly or train a lot of people.

What are the benefits of e-learning development software?


e-learning development

 One of the many benefits of e-learning is that once you have the software in place, the information being passed on to your staff can be updated and changed as policies and industry standards change. E-learning doesn’t require a staff member to administer it. It can be done anywhere, anytime, at the pace the learner requires. Because it’s interactive, you don’t need worry about employees nodding off or ignoring the content just to finish the lesson.

Unlike with a human instructor, you will know with absolute certainty that every employee receives the exact same information from his or her e-learning instruction. Additionally, if the content of the courses is critical to your compliance with local, state, or federal regulations, you will have a digital receipt showing that each staff member has completed one’s required training.

How can you figure out the ROI of e-learning for your business?


The costs for this kind of education are simple to determine: There’s the cost of the e-learning development and the cost of hourly wages or salary for staff while they are being trained. There may be other minor costs, such as IT setup and administrative management of the program. However, there are also savings associated with e-learning. It eliminates the need for trainers and travel by staff. Plus, it’s more engaging for learners.

When determining if it’s right for your business, consider the cost of maintaining your current staff educational system. E-learning may very well prove to be much more efficient and cost-effective than instructor-led learning.


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