‘Dream Up Creative Campaigns on Vine Time’ at IRCE Softway

On June 4th at 11:15am, Softway’s Senior Director of Brand Strategy, Frank Danna, will join the VP & Director of Marketing for Brian Gavin Diamonds, Danny Gavin, to present at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) in Chicago.

Their session, ‘Dream Up Creative Campaigns on Vine Time,’ addresses the emergence of social media platforms that exclusively focus on micro-content, such as Vine, and how these platforms introduce a valuable, niche marketing space which businesses can leverage for advertising as well as back-and-forth discussion with their target audience.

Tomorrow’s session will mark Gavin’s third time as an IRCE speaker and he “looks forward to building off [his] previous experiences.” According to Gavin, the topic’s immediacy and relevancy makes this session stand out because “to discuss Vine, or micro-content, is to discuss not only where the social media landscape ‘is’ but ‘where it’s going.” Gavin will begin the presentation showing how the minimal investment in 6-second Vine videos boosted Brian Gavin Diamonds’ website traffic and generated 416,000 viewings in the first week. Proving that big results don’t have to come with big price tags.

As the creative lead of the Vine campaign (and digital marketing guru with massive Vine following), Danna will share both the hard and soft metrics that are important in monitoring the success of a Vine campaign. Drawing from his experience developing creative Vines for many top retailers and brands, Danna states that “while it’s very important to gauge how well your content is trending, being shared, or looping, it is just as important not to lose sign of the platforms intrinsic values.”

To check out all the Vines, check out the Brian Gavin Diamonds Vine channel. For updates about the session or to connect with the speakers on Twitter, follow Frank Danna (@erskine) and Danny Gavin (@DannyGavin) and use the hashtag #MicroIRCE.

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