Advertising agency: Making a smart choice for a full-service ad agency Marketing

If your company is looking to expand its customer base or create better brand recognition, you may need the help of a digital advertising agency. You may think that you can work with any advertising agency in Houston. But in reality, you need a company that combines traditional print advertising with the functions of an online advertising agency.

Doing so will ensure that your company has a comprehensive marketing and advertising plan in place that will convey similar, but not identical, advertising messages on a variety of media.

You need an agency that can help you stand out


Working with a truly creative advertising agency can give you a competitive edge over your competition. You need an advertising campaign that not only targets the right people but actually engages them. This will help drive sales, improve customer and consumer engagement, and increase brand recognition. Whether it’s with stunning visuals, humor, or a unique sales pitch, the best advertising agencies will be able to create an advertising campaign that is on-brand for your business and enticing and memorable to your target consumer base. Not all advertising companies are made equal, after all.

Choosing an advertising agency

Questions to ask potential ad agencies


When you’ve narrowed the list of advertising agencies that you think may fit, it’s time to ask the hard questions. Schedule an appointment or initial consultation with each firm and ask them some questions about what they can offer your company, such as:

  • What kinds of physical advertising do you create?
  • Which kinds of digital advertising do you recommend for my business model?
  • What companies have you previously helped?
  • Which forms of advertising have had the best return on investment for your clients?
  • What are your estimated costs for a comprehensive advertising campaign?
  • How are charges and billing determined for this advertising project?
  • Do you have examples of both print and digital ad campaigns you have run before?
  • Can you provide references from satisfied previous clients?
  • What are your practices for media outreach?
  • How will your team interface with my company?

Successful marketing and advertising firms should have simple, straightforward answers to each of these questions. If companies aren’t willing to discuss their creative process and fee schedule with you before you sign a contract, you probably don’t want to do business with them.

Try Softway as a full-service advertising agency for your business


Your company shouldn’t need to hire a separate internet advertising agency in addition to your normal marketing or advertising agency. You need the services of a full-service advertising agency like Softway, which can handle both traditional advertising and marketing as well as digital and online advertising.

Our creative team has years of experience helping our clients create fully integrated advertising campaigns that utilize all forms of media, from print to social media. If you’re ready to invest in advertising services, Softway should be the first company that you contact!



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