CBT: Implementing with care for optimized benefits Technology

Businesses have used computer-based training, or computer-based learning, for nearly two decades with varying degrees of success. CBT can take a variety of forms. For instance, CBT videos online can be accessed anywhere. However, older CBT software can only be accessed by computers on the company’s intranet.

Most modern CBT courses can run on any computer, unless there’s a company policy restricting it to on-site computers. To make the most of your investment in these online training modules, there are certain considerations to keep in mind.

CBT improves learning and efficiency, if properly implemented


When compared with traditional classroom-style staff education, off-site seminars, or continuing education programs, CBT training courses can be more convenient, cost-effective, and educational than classroom-based education. Learners can follow these modules at their own pace. Furthermore, your company can track their progress and verify their retention of information with quizzes or tests. Computer-based training also ensures every staff member receives identical instruction, instead of information varying between sessions or educators with classroom learning.

Retention of information is typically higher among those who are educated via CBT modules. Classroom learning lends itself to daydreaming and other forms of time wasting. Computer-based systems, on the other hand, require interaction from the learner. That increased interactivity results in better learning and retention. Most modern employees will find online training more engaging than classroom-based education. Well-designed programs help ensure your employees are engaged in the educational process and are retaining the information.

Is on-site or online CBT more effective?


 CBTOnline training may make it easier to ensure that remote workers have the training and information they need to comply with company policies and adhere to best practices. However, a dedicated space, like a conference room, may provide better results for employees who regularly come into the office. This gives them a place where they can focus on the training. It’s important that your company consider the need to focus during these classes. Requiring a worker to complete one’s learning at a desk could result in sub-optimal results.

It’s best to have modules ready for staff when they will need the new information, not months beforehand. That allows them to put into practice quickly the information and skills imparted by their CBT course. Without a brief refresher course, much of the information could be lost. Especially if too much time lapses between coursework and real-world practice.

Better CBT design ensures it’s more effective


For most companies, the quality of software they purchase will determine how fully they reap its benefits. This is true whether it’s meant to be administered on site or online. Partnering with a company like Softway, which has years of experience in creating custom CBT software for our clients, can help you maximize the return on your investment in computer-based video training systems.


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