Online store: 4 tips to choosing a secure e-commerce site Web

Keep in mind these 4 vital tips to ensure you’re not losing out on potential customers on your online store.     1. Recognize the importance of security to customers   Virtually every business with physical or digital products can benefit from offering their customers a secure e-commerce online store. The best e-commerce stores have a painless, easy-to-navigate checkout process that visually relays its security to...

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Magento CMS website development in Houston Web

Here’s an article on Magento CMS to clarify what all the fuss is about  Read on to understand more about Magento and its benefits as a CMS to your company. What is the Magento content management system?   If you have been considering creating an online retail website, you have likely heard about Magento CMS. This is a platform for e-commerce transactions that uses open-source software and technology to provide an...

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Web design – Why choose Softway for customized solutions? Web

A lot of growing companies are in need of a web design company. Perhaps your company was growing so quickly, you just haven’t got around to making anything other than a placeholder website. Maybe you are ready to upgrade to a more robust digital platform and already know you need web design services.  Or maybe your site needs a better mobile design to ensure you don’t miss out on cellphone-based...

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Total cost of a CMS Website – The untold story Web

Investing into a content management system is a big decision for your business and your employees. This is the type of investment you don’t expect to make often and you want your CMS to be a sustainable solution that can be flexible to your future business needs. How do you really know what the investment looks like in a CMS?  I can guarantee you it’s...

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Microsite, a Novel Endeavor Web

In stating the known, I wish to emphasize how digital media has made this world a smaller place. With interactive features now available on our television sets to the complex world of social media, web applications and the ever advancing mobile platform. Amongst them is the customized web platform called ‘microsite’. Novelty in store A microsite, like the name suggests, is a smaller form of...

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Avoid a Social Strategy Crumble with Sitefinity Web

Ever wondered what could cause a social strategy crumble? What if I were to say it could be your CMS? Be it analytical or social media support tools or even social platforms, it’s important to pass through the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle of a project. An enabler of all these functions is a boost for your social strategy. The enabler in this case, is a Content...

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