Web development: Matching website types to business types Web

When your company is ready to invest in a website, there are many decisions that need to be made. One of the most critical for the overall functionality and success of your website will be deciding on the type of website that you are building. There are many kinds of websites, and the right type can make all the difference for your business. Far too...

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Web application: Today’s demand for app compatibility Web

When companies engage in creating a web application framework, they often focus their resources on a single brand or platform. If your employees are all issued iPhones, for example, your web application architecture may only support operations on iOS devices. However, this could pose an issue if they are out-of-state and using their personal mobile device. When investing in an enterprise app for your business,...

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Website development: What happens in a website redo Web

If your company is considering a website re-do, it’s important to understand the web development and design process. Web development and design should involve not only making aesthetic changes to your website, but also changes to how the site is organized and updated to help promote a better search engine rank for critical keywords. Fully-integrated web development design can help your company boost traffic, if...

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Web application: Progressive web apps & their business benefits Web

There are a lot of reasons to consider web application development for your company’s site. More so if you don’t have a mobile app or haven’t previously launched an unsuccessful app. Visitors and customers are expecting websites and online businesses to prioritize user experience these days. Allowing customers to interact with your company using your website as the platform remains one of the best and...

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UI design: Softway’s capabilities for SharePoint sites in Houston Web

The user interface (UI) of your website is how visitors and users interact with your site. These days, it’s becoming increasingly important to carefully consider user experience (UX) when creating or updating your UI design. If you’re looking for a SharePoint designer, you should make sure that they understand the importance of UI design & user experience before you agree to work with them. Your...

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Ecommerce website: Must-knows of ecommerce website development Web

The best ecommerce sites offer their visitors more than just a shopping cart — they offer a shopping experience. Progressive web applications let shoppers on an ecommerce website interact with the site as though it were a mobile app. Intelligent product sorting is based on previous searches. Such features enable top ecommerce sites to ensure the shopping process is engaging and as simple as possible....

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