CBT: Implementing with care for optimized benefits Technology

Businesses have used computer-based training, or computer-based learning, for nearly two decades with varying degrees of success. CBT can take a variety of forms. For instance, CBT videos online can be accessed anywhere. However, older CBT software can only be accessed by computers on the company’s intranet. Most modern CBT courses can run on any computer, unless there’s a company policy restricting it to on-site...

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E-learning development: Calculating its ROI & weighing its business benefits Technology

Training your employees is a major investment. However, custom e-learning can be a quick, engaging, and effective means of training your staff. This is true whether you’re training existing staff on new policies, industry advances or bringing new employees into your company. Many companies, particularly medium-sized businesses, may think of e-learning development software as cost-prohibitive. In reality, it may be more cost effective, overall, at...

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User interface:  UI tips to avoid breaking your game Technology

If your company or start-up is heavily invested in the rollout of an online game or app-based game, having issues with game function can destroy your return on investment. It’s critical to catch and resolve as many glitches, bugs, and programming issues possible before making the game publicly available. By carefully crafting a User Interface (UI) and working methodically to design your game, you can...

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Software development: Top mistakes in business automation Technology

Automating manual, labor-intensive, time-wasting, dangerous, or repetitive tasks is one of the best ways to streamline a business. From keeping down unnecessary, unskilled labor costs to reducing the chances of a Workers’ Compensation case due an on-site injury, software development can save companies a lot of money and time. Focusing on technology instead of people and problems   Too many companies will focus automation processes...

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Responsive web design & gearing up for the Internet of Things Web / Technology

Ever since the public availability of the internet, this priceless form of communication and information sharing has been constantly evolving. The Internet of Things refers to the inter-connectivity of devices that are generally not thought of as online devices. These devices, like smart fridges and DVRs, are becoming a massive and powerful influence on our society. Lets take a look at the emphasis of responsive web design...

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Augmented Reality and its world of possibilities Technology

The Iron Man, Tony Stark and his magic played with technology in thin air never ceases to fascinate me. I dream that at some point I get to interact with such technical brilliance besides just watching it on screen. The answer is not far. At this very moment, it’s being explored and making its impact felt through a developing discipline called Augmented Reality (AR). It...

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