Employee Spotlight – December 2015 Softway

Ramya Shetty Ramya, is the first person to greet you at Softway India. She joined in 2013 and enjoys her role as a front office executive, considering talking, as she says is her favorite past time. One thing she wants to be able to fulfill in her life, is to sponsor a child’s education. In her free time, she also tutors students, flies kites and...

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Employee spotlight – November 2015 Softway

Shashikumar Shashikumar is a senior creative artist at Softway India who believes in simply enjoying work and the rest will follow. He enjoys listening to folk music and is a Kung Fu Panda fan. In his free time he visits art galleries. His journey of being an artist was not easy, considering the opposition at home. Shashi took everyone by surprise by winning a state-level...

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We Made It. Marketing / Technology / Softway

It’s been 48 hours since our brand rose from the ashes – all phoenix like – and became something new. Something bold. Hurrah! But guess what? We almost didn’t make it. This isn’t a retrospective blog about how this whole process was all sunshine and rainbow emoji. This rebrand (the very thing that should make a company more unified) nearly killed us. But hey, like...

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Get to know the Softway team Softway

Neeraj Prem Verma Neeraj is an associate Server Admin at Softway who joined us in 2013. He enjoys gaming, ethical hacking and is always looking at opportunities to travel and explore. A fond memory he cherishes, is the overwhelming response to an Ubuntu workshop conducted by him that had over 200 paid attendees. A moment he wishes to relive. While he wishes to have more...

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We are ranked 7 on the HBJ Fast Tech 25! Softway

Published and researched by the Houston Business Journal, the Fast Tech 25 lists the fastest growing tech businesses in Houston, TX.  Eligibility for this list includes being privately owned, headquartered in Houston and in business for more than five years. Being ranked number 7 on this list is great accomplishment for us!

Talking tech & analytics at &THEN15 Softway

Chris Pitre, Director of Strategy and Planning, joined fellow industry experts at the &THEN marketing conference in Boston to host a panel emphasizing the speed of change in technology and how to keep pace with the change. Held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from October 4 – 6, 2015, &THEN is the Direct Marketing Association’s annual, multi-day conference that brings together some of...

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