Marketing agency: An investment into the future Marketing

Far too many people think that partnering with a marketing agency means only advertising to increase sales. However, the best digital marketing in Houston will also include other services. This could include online brand management, reputation management, market research, branding your company’s visual identity, and social media management. Thankfully, when it comes to digital marketing, Houston is home to Softway, a Houston digital agency with...

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Online reputation: Why image maintenance is critical to your business Marketing

The significance of online reputation can be traced back to the past where customers would rely on word-of-mouth referrals from their families and friends to make decisions about the services or products they would purchase. Those referrals are called social proof. Basically, hearing from someone else about your products or services can make a customer more (or less) likely to buy them for themselves. These...

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Advertising agency: Making a smart choice for a full-service ad agency Marketing

If your company is looking to expand its customer base or create better brand recognition, you may need the help of a digital advertising agency. You may think that you can work with any advertising agency in Houston. But in reality, you need a company that combines traditional print advertising with the functions of an online advertising agency. Doing so will ensure that your company...

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Logo design: Do this to avoid a company logo failure Marketing

Whether you’re creating the first logo design for your growing business or updating an old or failed previous logo, design is critical to a logo’s success. When it comes to company logo designs, you want something that catches the eye, conveys a positive message about your brand, and gives a sense of timelessness. The best company logos are often simple but still manage to stand...

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Rebranding: How to aim for a seamless and successful transition Marketing

Companies rebrand themselves for any number of reasons. These can include sudden, rapid expansion, a change in its primary business offerings, or even a recent public relations issue driving away once loyal customers. Whatever the reason for rebranding, your company branding will have a big impact on the ongoing success of your business. When branding your business, it’s important to take specific steps to prevent...

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Content marketing: It’s more than just creation. Think value. Marketing

Far too many businesses are falling short when trying to engage in content marketing. Whether they’re just too pushy about the goods or services that their company is offering or failing to consider the experience of their visitors and users, many invest a lot of time and money with little positive result. There are millions of examples of content marketing, only a percentage of which...

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