Applications of Agile Marketing Marketing

Cherish Failure, the Agile Marketing Way

Think Agile marketing

Feeling blue with your current marketing style? The relevance of agile marketing and its framework would be very much an answer to kindle the spirits of our marketing workforce to innovate and be agile in their approach. Whatever be the case, at the end of the day the applicability of theoretical ideas depends on the pragmatic approach and actual  results.

That being said, the agile process provides the opportunity to explore and experiment with smaller failure rather than large scale breakdowns in marketing campaigns.

You never know what’s in the box until you open it. Wouldn’t you want to take a peak and experience what’s in store? I hope you do…

Creative Possibilities:

Creative application of agility in marketing presents an array of possibilities to opt for. Agile is more suitable on digital marketing techniques but not limited to it. Let’s delve into the applicability and suitability of agile for the following:

Agile SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Agile SEOAgile SEO is the application of agility principles to act according to the current operating environment and market demands. The flexibility allows us to increase the frequency of planning and implementation of smaller tactical frameworks. This results in iterative and incremental deliverables which are more current than the waterfall approach. Also the flexibility allows you to be prepared and adjust to the changes in search engine algorithms faster than the waterfall approach.

Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing options

Agility addresses the need for a dynamic framework that supports social media communications. The strategic framework of “Plan- Implement- Continuous Monitoring- Feedback and Improvement” in shorter time cycles help the digital marketers to catch up with target market.

Content Marketing

Content marketingContent marketing seems to have an interwoven relationship with other digital marketing strategies like SEO, social media marketing, etc. Nothings beats having a holistic digital strategy in an agile framework. Continuous engagement through variable and valuable content, delivery in quicker cycles not only caters to the pace of content strategy but the interdependency between other digital strategies is strengthened through the agile content marketing.

Even More

In addition with the aforementioned ways, agility can be applied in circumstances where we need to keep up with the highly dynamic marketplace and volatile consumer responses. We can experiment with search engine marketing, mobile app advertising, development, etc. and reap benefits from it.

But That’s Not All

Creative possibilities do not have an end in itself. Agile marketing, when applied holistically on your digital marketing initiatives starting from planning to feedback, addresses the marketing initiatives within a new framework. Experience the excitement and if you do, don’t forget to share your insights with us.

Great days ahead!

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