Android apps: When to choose Android over iOS Mobile

choose android app over iOSCompanies that are investing in app creation may struggle with deciding whether to choose Android as their platform or iOS. In many cases, it may make more sense to build an Android app than an iOS app. It can be nerve-wracking, however, to build an Android app when you aren’t sure if that’s the right choice. However, given how common Android devices are, many times it can be a better choice to develop an Android app instead of an iOS app.

Here are a few sample situations where developing for android makes more sense for your business than developing for iOS.



When to choose to make an Android app:


  • If your company can only afford to develop on one platform for its initial launch, then you should develop the app for Android. Four-fifths of smartphones are running Android operating systems.
  • If your target audience is urban, then you should make an Android app. Many of the urban cellular carriers offer only Android devices to their customers.
  • If your app is targeting consumers and not your staff, then Android is the ideal platform. Many businesses prefer to use iOS because of its increased security and data collection capabilities. However, the average consumer is probably using an Android phone. Focus your design on your target audience.
  • If your users are lower income, then Android is your best choice. While iOS users are more likely to pay premium prices for apps and in-app purchases, Android users are a bigger section of the population.
  • If advertisement revenue is your goal for income, then Android is the best platform for you. Because they represent a majority of smartphones, Android devices and apps are the best option for your company to monetize the size of your market with advertisements.
  • If your app needs cutting-edge functionality, then Android will better support that. Because Android is open source, whereas iOS is not, designers and programmers can create much more robust features on Android systems.
  • If your company is outsourcing app development, then Android development will be more cost effective. iOS designers often command a premium price. Conversely, Android development can be much more cost effective and affordable when hiring an Android developer.


Why choose Softway for your Android app development


Softway has a team of creative professionals with experience and knowledge about how to develop Android apps. We can help ensure that your app is user-friendly, with quick load times and an intuitive user interface. The Softway team can help design an app that will be easy and affordable to upgrade in the future. Additionally, we have the skills to create an iOS version when sales or downloads of your Android version justify investing in iOS development.

Softway has a proven history of successful app development. If you want your Android app developed professionally in a manner that adheres to your budget and your schedule, partnering with Softway is the best way to make that happen.


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