6 Easy Social Media Tips and Tricks You Might Have Missed Marketing

Following social media trends can be exhausting. Figuring out what works best for your brand can be a long and lengthy trial and error process. To help you out, we’ve put together a quick list of 6 easy social media tips and tricks to make sure you are the best social media manager you can be.

1)      Facebook has a mobile app dedicated just for page management.Facebook pages

Anyone who has a smart phone has most likely downloaded the Facebook app. It is one of the most downloaded apps on both iOS and Android and has over 100 million downloads on Android alone. However, not as many people are aware that Facebook has started to create additional applications that focus on specific features of Facebook’s user experience. Facebook Messenger (which as of Jan 16, 2013, awesomely allows sending voice messages!) came first and was followed by Facebook Pages last year. The app has the same look and feel of the Facebook app but allows you to easily manage your pages from a separate app.

Download the app now. 


2)      You can post in the past! Social Media Tips

Facebook posts don’t have to always appear at the top.  You can click anywhere on your timeline and create a post. “Why would I want to do that?”, you say. Well, in this day and age a big part of your social media should be brand storytelling, and the best way to do that is with the Facebook Timeline. Take advantage of the timeline to put in posts that tell the story of your company or industry.

Make sure you also see some of the other creative ways people are using Timeline.

  1. School uses Facebook Timeline to Teach History
  2. Spotify turns Facebook Timeline into Music History Lesson


 3.     Vine! Short video sharing is now a thing. Vine

With Twitter’s brand new service (launched Jan, 2013), Vine, you can now post looping videos to a  Twitter like service. These short videos can be up to 6 seconds, include audio and are set to loop. The Vine app is now available in the app store for download.  We love new content mediums and are eager to see the interesting ways people begin to use this.



4)     There is an easy way to create and share infographics.


Infographics have emerged as some of the best pieces of content one can share to their followers. Creating a quality Infographic is one of the best content marketing tactics available. However, in the past, finding a relevant infographic that applies to your business has been frustrating. Even more frustrating is trying to create your own infographics. Luckily, with Visual.ly you can now easily create your own infographic and share it to the masses.


5)     Get the most out of the pictures on your social networks by changing the size dimensions.

facebook cover

By changing the size on your pictures before you add them to your social media profiles you can make sure they look exactly how you intend.  Test out your creativity with this social media image size cheat sheet.


6)     Custom Short URL’s, are a great way to create brand recognition on your social media profiles and it’s easier than you think.URL shortner goo.gl

Websites that offer easy URL shortening like bit.ly and Hootsuite have emerged as great way to track where and how your links are being dispersed. This has evolved as a nearly common practice for any social media manager. However, there is also something special about seeing a short URL that has been branded by the company. For Example, Google.com has goo.gl and the New York Times (NYtimes.com) has nyti.ms. Try putting your domain in http://domai.nr/ and see if you can’t find one that works then follow the steps in this article.



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