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The Android is one of the best mobile phone platforms out there. With an open API and development platform and a complete turnkey solutions for distribution of the applications it makes it an ideal platform for game development. Our Android Game Development team at Houston can deliver the best and complete robust solution to all your mobile game development needs. Leveraging the experience gained from games ported to the Android from other platforms to some of our own game titles. We provide you a complete package from idea to delivery on the Android Market Place.

Our team can do Accelerometer Physics driven gameplay and/or touch interface on the device. We can even add a sense of direction in our games using the magnetometer on the android Devices. Our team is well versed in all aspects of Open GLES and the extensions that are available on the device. We have experience in iPhone game Porting to Android and vice-versa.

Some Very Common Applications Developed for the Android also include:

  • Multimedia Application
  • Location-Based Tools Applications
  • Barcode Scanners Applications
  • Travel Guides Applications
  • Games Application
  • Utility Applications

If you have a game idea and need it to be programmed for the Android Phone and sold on the Market place, then let our Android Game development team help you bring your game to reality and help you make Money.

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