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How Use Analytics to Fine-Tune Your Website

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Programs like Google Analytics measure the number of visitors viewing your website each day. Full analytics systems can show you exactly which pages saw the most traffic and offers demographic information. Understanding the people reaching your site allows you to determine if your marketing and promotional effects target the right visitors. When you are running a large marketing campaign to attract certain people and most of the traffic you receive does not meet this profile, you know something is off the mark. You need this information to use your website efficiently for converting visits into sales.

Choose The Right Analytics service

Google Analytics is one of the most popular free website tracking service options, but it has its limits. Hire a professional in web analytics consulting for the best results with a large network of sites or high daily traffic volume. An expert will produce clear and concise reports on your traffic trends and how to calibrate your SEO or advertising efforts for greater volume. The report saves you hours of analyzing and comparing the various statistics. Companies currently devoting a large budget to their website will save money by not wasting it on useless marketing methods. Learning to understand the meaning of certain web statistics takes as long as learning any other web design process.

The Key Is Conversion

When a visitor to the site makes a purchase or completes a form, they convert into a lead or a customer. Getting the highest number of conversions per dollar you spend on advertising and promotions is crucial in web marketing. Softway Solutions will manage your analytics for SEO and advertising campaigns by tracking the conversion rate of each keyword. Focusing on the keywords with the best chance of conversion ensures that you earn every dollar spent on website development back in increased sales.

Setting Analytics Goals

Hiring professionals to manage your website traffic analytics helps you set and reach specific goals. If your company needs a better conversion factor to justify a large budget for web ads, your traffic management team can identify website issues interfering with the process. Reaching a new weekly or monthly visitor goal is easier when a dedicated SEO team is on the job. Ideally, you should have a combined SEO and traffic analytics team, or at least two teams that work together well. Hiring a company like Softway Solutions ensures that departments capable of communicating seamlessly handle all of your website management needs.

Installing Analytics Softwares

Some high-end traffic analytics programs combine software with codes that embed in each page of the website. Most free systems, such as Google Analytics, use a website to display the traffic results instead of software that requires installation. Software suites offer greater control and the ability to produce rich reports, but licensing a single copy is prohibitively expensive for many businesses. Professional analytics consultants handle these programs so you don't have to purchase or learn to use them yourself.

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