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No matter how large or small your business is, Softway Solutions can help you produce presentations that will tell your story in an effective and memorable way. Among the valuable services Softway Solutions provides, we offer storyboarding, a visual way to map out and see a project’s story before it becomes implemented.

Storyboards are an integral part of the animation and motion graphic process. It allows you to see how the visual narrative of your project is playing out and to make sure the story is being told in the most effective way. Storyboards are also a way to catch mistakes or misunderstandings early in the process, saving you time, money, and resources.

A storyboard tells your project’s story visually, panel by panel, much like a comic book. It shows:

  • What characters, props, settings, etc. are going to be in each frame
  • Any dialogue, narration, or sound effects that will accompany the visuals
  • What the perspective is for the scene - close up, far away, medium distance, is there movement, etc.

By laying all this out in advance, storyboards are a great way to visualize individual sequences before the costly animation or film project gets underway.

A storyboard can help you:

  • Lay out the framework of your project in terms of the resources and time available
  • Organize your story to make sure it stays focused on your main point

Another advantage to storyboards is that they help you to determine what kind of media is best for each part of your story. You can experiment with different media approaches in the storyboard format without the cost of a completely produced segment. Using the storyboard technique, you can determine:

  • What parts of the project work best in video alone?
  • What parts of the project work best with video and audio combined?
  • What parts of the project work best with still photos?
  • Are there parts of the story that need maps or other graphics?
  • Are there parts of the story that work best in text?
  • Are there parts of the project that are redundant, or that need to be stated different times in different ways?

Once the best medium for each element of the story is determined, the project is laid out chronologically. Then it can be reviewed again to make sure media selections and other elements are optimized. The storyboard doesn’t have to be done as an artistic masterpiece; it’s a rough draft. And it’s not final, either. Storyboards are flexible enough and meant to change as needed, but the storyboard gives you a roadmap for your project to travel down.

Softway Solutions offer stand-alone storyboarding services for your project whether it is for commercial, game cinematics, web, business presentations, motion graphics or TV and entertainment. We will meet with you to gather materials related to your project, and to find out where you plan to use the final project, and what purpose it will serve.

Softway Solutions is dedicated to helping you tell your story in the most effective way possible. Contact Softway Solutions today and let our talented artist jump start your project today!

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