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Houston based Softway Solutions is a leader in creating three dimensional images and animations for clients who want to demonstrate building interiors, landscapes, architectural designs and other graphics.

Imagine being able to “walk” your associates through a room that hasn't yet been built or a garden that hasn't yet been planted. Everything from the objects to the lighting to the texture looks very realistic, and helps to make the scene seem real.

What is 3D Rendering?

3D rendering is the two dimensional display of three dimensional data that is stored within a computer. The data has to be created by the user connecting smooth surfaces and vertices to each other in a program, and creating three dimensional objects and the scenes around them. These structures can be detailed enough to appear photo realistic, or basic enough to simply convey a point.

These three dimensional structures are called wire frames. Once the user has created the necessary wire frames, they are converted to a two dimensional image that retains the look of a three dimensional object or scene. It may be easier to think of it like photography or cinematography, where a scene is set and then photographed or filmed. 3D rendering is used in everything from printed images to video games to movies, and the professionals of Houston based Softway Solutions can do it all.

Challenges of 3D Rendering

3D Rendering can take a very long time as each pixel needs to be “photographed” and factors such as light must be calculated with precision. The more realistic the image is to be, the longer the rendering will take.

Textures and lighting effects prove to be quite a challenge for many, especially if they are trying to achieve a realistic look. Coupling these tasks with animation can escalate the difficulty.

Trust Houston Based Softway Solutions to do it Right

When you need to create a model that will allow you to preview a project before you've invested a great deal of time and money into materials, 3D rendering can give you that essential sneak peek. All you have to do is provide Softway Solutions with some drawings and blueprints, as well as any colors, textures and specifics you'd like to see in the model. We specialize in both interior and exterior models. Even if all you have are magazine clippings, we can work with you to develop models that will impress your clients.

If your model is a scene that would be walkable in real life, Softway Solutions can design a virtual tour that will truly give a sense of the real thing. Landscape models may be developed to show what gardens might look like years into the future.

Logos are far more impressive in 3D. Softway Solutions can turn your logo into an interesting and memorable image that will get noticed at trade shows and in brochures.

Our creative team in Houston recognizes that 3D imagery is an industry standard in everything from film to architecture. Let us help you develop your vision into a precise and attractive model that will keep your business at the cutting edge of technology!

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