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In today’s world, people are used to being informed, educated and entertained by visual means. Lectures, recordings, and static visuals often don’t engage or involve audiences. If you are presenting information to the medical sector, either to patients, professionals, or investors, medical animation videos can be a great method of getting your message across. A heart beat animation can demonstrate both normal and irregular heart operations, as can a blood flow through the heart animation. Also, the animation or its narration can be adjusted for different audiences, allowing for multiple uses of the same basic material, which will cut back on your investment.

Medical Animation Videos for Patients

Helping patients understand their conditions, and learning effective ways of prevention, recovery, and avoiding future relapses or complications is a large part of medical practice. Medical animation videos can help with a variety of conditions. A heart blood flow animation can help a patient understand how lifestyle choices, environmental factors, past conditions, and even genetics can affect how the heart operates and identify possible problems. A bacteria animation can help parents understand why it is important to keep children’s play areas, food preparation areas and other areas that are particularly susceptible to bacteria growth clean and free of germs.

Medical Animation Videos for Employees

Medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and therapists need to be on the leading edge of information in their area of specialty, but also need to be aware of advances and developments in other fields. New information on cardiac issues can be provided with a heart blood flow animation or heart beat animation presented as part of a ‚’lunch and learn’ program for general practitioners or others not involved in cardiac specialties. A bacteria animation can remind cleaning services or food and cafeteria workers of the importance of their hygiene-related duties in the overall mission of a health care facility. A hemostasis animation can provide a refresher to emergency personnel, or operating room staff, or demonstrate new methods or technologies to stop blood loss. There is almost no limit to the ways that medical animation videos can help health care professionals learn new techniques and technologies, or refresh their knowledge in their fields of expertise.

Medical Animation Videos for Investors

The ongoing growth and improvement of our health care system depends on ongoing investment by those who are committed financially to such growth. Medical animation videos can help investors understand new methods and technologies and invest wisely. A heart beat animation together with a blood flow animation can help an investor see how a new medicine or device will aid cardiac patients. An inflammation animation can demonstrate how a new drug will counteract the pain and effects of inflamed muscles. A cystic fibrosis animation can help an investor understand how a new drug or treatment may help prolong the life of someone with CF.

The Softway Solutions team will work with you from initial concept to completed animation to make your medical animation video a reality.

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