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Creative Marketing

Offering your potential customer something free helps draw them in and content marketing uses this tactic without requiring you to give away a product or service. Creating helpful and informative content and posting it for free attracts website visitors who need help. Once you have helped them solve a problem or learn something new, you gain another person who has a positive view of your company. Most companies also use content as a way to ask visitors to sign up for a mailing list. By offering access to the information in exchange for an email address, you can build a database for marketing purposes instead of creating spam by emailing uninterested parties.

Copywriting Versus Content

Many business owners may assume that they should use copywriting to fill their website. While some amount of copywriting helps convert visitors to buyers, it is not the type of writing best suited for content marketing. Content marketing services produce informational articles instead of promotional material. While these articles are not specifically worded for producing sales, adding keywords helps attract traffic through SEO tactics. Content marketing SEO services help build traffic through organic visitors coming for information, as well as pulling in search visitors through keyword phrases.

Types of Content

Content for marketing purposes is not limited to articles and other forms of writing. Engaging videos, audio files, e-books, reports and email newsletters offer your website’s visitors something useful. Written content is usually easier to create than other forms and is less expensive, if you want professional quality results. Anyone can create a low-quality video recording, but you need smooth and attractive content to maintain your company’s reputation. If you become proficient at producing content that visitors want and need, you can begin making money through information products in addition to your main mode of business.

Hooking Visitors for Repeat Traffic

An ad or high rank in search engine results both bring in new traffic as content marketing does, but they lack the ability to create repeat traffic. Once you have demonstrated your knowledge of an industry or helped someone with a problem, you have built a relationship. The visitor will return to see if you are offering anything new. Increasing repeat traffic builds brand recognition and encourages your website to spread through viral growth. Softway Solutions is ready to help you with a full line of services for content marketing from Houston.

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