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Our web development team has been in action for over 6 years. We leverage the experience gathered in web development, flex programming & development, and take it to the next level of Web 2.0 and Desktop Internet Applications. Our applications are rich in both, functionality and aesthetics.

The age of the Web 2.0 and the Rich Internet Applications, have made Adobe® Flex™ 3 the de facto standard in the industry. Softway Solutions provides you with a seamless web experience with Adobe® Flex™ 3 and Desktop Rich internet Applications with Adobe® Integrated Runtime. From small desktop gadgets to full fledged Enterprise Applications solutions, from the presentation to the Server side customization, we are your one point solution to your all web 2.0 needs.

Flex™ enables you to create expressive, high-performance applications that run identically on all major browsers and operating systems.

Our experienced flex programming team and development team in Houston, Texas, deals in developing customized solution for our clients.

Our expertise lies in developing applications that can be a useful tool in visualizing data on the web and/or the desktop. Enterprise applications to social networking websites, from whole e-commerce websites to small individual components of a website, we cater to all of your Web 2.0 needs.

Interactive Flash Animation an Industry Standard

  • Interactive Flash Video Players
  • Interactive Music Players
  • Interactive Flash Game Development
  • Interactive Cover flows
  • Interactive Data Visualization Charts
  • Interactive Portfolios
  • Interactive Maps and Overlays
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Interactive Trade show presentations
  • Interactive Computer Based Tests
  • Interactive Training Presentations
    and much more…

Adobe® Flex™ 3 is registered trademark of Adobe Corporation Inc.

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