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Facebook has an incredible effect on today's society. While Facebook began as a way to connect and keep in touch with real life acquaintances, it is now a sort of channel through which users experience the Internet – from pictures to articles to games. This social network pervades every niche and market there is and can help a business grow ten-fold in a short amount of time.

Facebook games have become a way for game developers to make cash. Many games do this by charging players small amounts of actual money to get currency or level increases in the game. Reaching the point where your Facebook game gets a turn in profit is somewhat complicated, not to mention competitive. There are literally hundreds of games vying for players, and only a few become household names. But that doesn't mean you can't develop a fabulous game.

Houston based Softway Solutions specializes in game development for a variety of media, and games for the web are among the most exciting. Our focus is on creating original and interactive games that take advantage of some of the best talent available today.

Getting a Game on Facebook

Adding your game to Facebook starts with developing a web application to be presented from within the Facebook apps domain. This is a process in and of itself, and Softway Solutions knows how to get the ball rolling.

Game Success on Facebook

Marketing is an incredibly important part of making your Facebook game successful. Social channels are tools such as game invites, score reports and bookmarks that make the game appear popular and fun while also keeping it accessible.

Proper etiquette is just as important online as it is in real life. Potential players will not be attracted to a game that does not respect privacy or requires too much information. Our Houston based Softway Solutions professionals know how to design a game that only asks players to provide necessary information and assures them that their answers are secure.

It takes a good designer to create a game world that holds a player’s attention and brings them back for more. Our team knows how to provide an immersive experience that allows contact with regular Facebook activity without interrupting the game.

Why Softway Solutions?

You have a great game idea, and know that Facebook is just the place to launch it. You also know that the process is complicated, involved and competitive. From app development to game design and animation to testing and release, Houston based Softway Solutions will help you make you game vision a reality.

Our approach is fourfold: We take into consideration the requirements of both you and the Facebook platform, ensuring that both ends have everything they need. Our designers and graphic artists then create animations and 3D models for game play. Proper programming language is chosen for the actual game creation. Finally, extensive testing detects any problems or defects before release.

Let us deal with the red tape when you need to develop a fantastic new Facebook game – we'll do the work so you can have the fun!

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