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The Importance of Landing Pages in your PPC Campaign Marketing

Marketers are taking the time to enroll in AdWords on Search Engines to feature their advertisements in SERP (search engine results page). PPC marketing isn’t as simple as picking the right keywords. If your landing pages don’t convert the traffic or make the traffic bounce, you will be wasting your money. PPC is, “A process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on the search...

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Google Partners Connect Softway

Several of Softway Solutions’ clients arrived at our office last week where we simulcast Google Partners Connect, an hour with a panel of marketing and advertising experts from Google. They gave advice to questions via YouTube, offered tools and explained various techniques, not only for growing a business online but also for choosing the right partners to do so. Today’s advertising isn’t as simple as...

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Softway’s Google Engage Connect Event a Success! Softway

We blogged a couple of days ago about our luck to be chosen as one of the few “Google Engage” agencies to host a special event sponsored by Google, and boy was it awesome Our Special VIP guests began to arrive at 11:30am for a quick tour of Softway’s offices. After that, they were taken to the 18th floor of our building to one of...

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Learning 6 Marketing Campaign Tips Marketing

After reading the “Fusing Email and Direct Mail to Boost Your Multichannel Marketing Campaigns” article featured by the American Marketing Association, I was able to refresh my memory and come up with marketing campaign tips that can help you be successful in  the long run. In today’s highly competitive business environment, it’s crucial to reinforce messages-several times and across channels. Successful sales and marketing pros...

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SEM or SEO: Which Method is Right for You? Marketing

In earlier posts, I have talked much about Search Engine Optimization (SEO); but what about Search Engine Marketing? Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a paid form of online marketing and complementary to SEO. SEM incorporates paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion. This is all done through the use of Pay Per Click and Pay Per Call Ads. SEM ads appear under the Sponsored Ads section...

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