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There Might Be Scrum-thing To This

“Individuals and interactions over processes and tools;
Working software over comprehensive documentation;
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation;
Responding to change over following a plan.”
-    The Agile Manifesto


In every sense of the word we are a growing company. Though we’re reaping the returns of our hard work, external growth outpacing internal growth makes it more challenging to manage projects. Our workload is steadily increasing but our team members still haven’t learned how to clone themselves or how to survive without sleep. The widening employee to project ratio exposed aspects of our project development process that were becoming counterproductive, essentially creating additional hurdles for us to jump over. Hiring employees en masse is not a realistic solution but taking a new approach to project development is.

We knew there was a method out there that would leverage our capabilities with our potential, mitigating the increased workload and increasing our efficiency. The issues we were having stemmed from using the waterfall method to build our projects. Waterfall is strict and compartmentalized, which allowed for unforeseen challenges. We don’t have an overabundance of team members to tackle the challenges that arose on one project while continuing to build other projects. So we decided to investigate an agile project development method called Scrum.

Scrum is structured to support complex project development and correct inefficient steps. It’s adaptable and collaborative framework minimizes both the number and the size of mistakes and prevents lengthy delays from happening. We thought it was our best bet at simplifying the development process and improving our efficiency.

Scrum Framework

It is a given that to turn a concept into a product, a project development plan is essential. However, to turn a concept into a functioning and valuable product, an agile development plan is a necessity. The reality is a concept doesn’t always translate into a good product just because the plan is good in theory.

Scrum emphasizes that effective team collaboration, rather than going through the motions of an unexplored yet concrete plan, uncovers the value the actual process of agile development brings to a project: empiricism. It is within the small steps of Scrum that observations lead to ingenuity and innovation, which enhance the project and enable it to evolve into a turnkey product and solution. Scrum doesn’t force the project to adapt to the development plan; the plan adapts to the project.

Scrum can make our previously counterproductive issues become productive and proactive steps, which is something our growing company will really benefit from. Changes, additions and challenges can occur at any point during the production process without it feeling like a wrench was thrown in the gears.

You’re going to build a better, more quality project when you go through the development process, gradually building the project step-by-step. Scrum puts innovation, collaboration and creativity back into development, making it easy to build a product that not only functions, but truly works for the client’s business and enhances the way they do business.

This has always been our goal on every project we do; we just needed to find a method that enhances our ability to do that. We always say that we work magic. Well, we needed a magic solution to optimize our potential, improve our efficiency and promote future growth without needing to immediately expand internally. And that solution is Scrum.

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Softway Solutions developed iPhone App “iscout talent” News Segment. Iphone app development programming Houston, Texas

Softway Solutions developed an iphone application for the Page Parkes Corporation gets featured on CW 39 news. The name of the iphone application is called “iscout talent” and it allows any one to become a scout. The application allows the users to upload pictures or videos of Models, Actors or Singers.

Softway Solutions specializes in Mobile Application development serving Houston and Texas businesses. Softway Solutions can develop application for the Android, iphone, blackberry, iPad and Palm devices. You can contact them at 2819144381 and or visit their website at www.softwaysolutions.com

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Onseeker Music Iphone Application

Softway Solutions, Inc. successfully completed their development of the Onseeker Music application for the Iphone last month. The app was developed by a team of 3 developers and took approximately 3 months to complete.

The Iphone application allows users to look for live music events based on their GPS location or by zipcode. It also allows the fans to follow artists and or venues and get regular updates from them. The app has other features such as playlists that can be customized by the app user. These are some of the very few rich features of the Iphone application.

Softway Solutions is currently in the process of developing the Onseeker music application for other smart phones such as the Google Android and Blacberry phones.

Softway Solutions is currently working on numerous Iphone applications and Iphone games that shall be released in the very near future. We shall keep you posted on our progress as we get close to launching them.

You can learn more about Onseeker Music by going to the url: www.onseekermusic.com

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