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Setting up your Google+ Page

Google+ is a social network site that allows you to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues; Google+ Pages are brand pages for businesses. Google+ released business pages back in November 2011. A few companies have already developed their Google+ Page while others have not. Some businesses don’t know how to set up a Google+ Page nor have the time to set up the page. Recently, Google+ released administrator capabilities for Google+ Pages to allow multiple users to administer the page. So what is stopping you from setting up your page?  Don’t know how? Then keep reading and will be able to help. Don’t have time? Well, “time” is on you my friend.

Setting Up a Google+ Page

1. Using your Gmail account log into your Google+ profile.
2. Once you have logged into your profile, on the right side of the screen click “Create a Google + page.”
3. Next, you will have to pick a category. There are currently five categories to choose from:

  • “Local Business or Place” which are local, consumer based businesses like hotels, restaurants or coffee shops.
  • Product or Brand
  • “Company, Institution or Organization” which are larger entities.
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other

4. Your page has now been created and the next thing to do is get the word out. Tell everyone about your Google+ Page so they can add your Google+ Page to their circle(s).
5. Edit your page by making sure your page is up to date with profile, videos, or content.
6. Finally, make sure to promote the Google+ Page icon on your website and other marketing collateral.

Getting started with Google+ Pages may seem a little scary, and the thought of managing the page may be a nightmare. Allows us to help you sooth that dream into a happily ever after dream by letting us help you set up your Google+ Page and managing the page. For more information, please contact us at www.softwaysolutions.com or 281.914.4381. Good night and sweet dreams.

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Advantages of a Google+ Page

Many people are still debating if they should jump on the bandwagon and set up a Google+ Page. Some may wonder: What are the advantages? Or, how many people are even on Google+? Well, as of September 2011 Google+ had 50 Million users and predicts to have 400 million users by 2013. In addition to having a Google+ account, Google+ also provides pages for businesses. So how important is having a Google+ profile and a Google+ Page. Google recently released Search, Plus Your World. What does this mean to SEO professionals? A lot! Google is always trying to find ways to personalize searches to best fit your search queries. In their newest effort with Your World, Google first gives users search results based on what people in their Google+ circles are talking about. Let’s say you have a Google+ account and are logged in. Now you want to search for a “house” and in Google’s search bar, you type “house.” Google will first show you results from people in your circles who have talked or mentioned “house” in their profiles.

For businesses with Google+ Pages this mean your brand is being reinforced and coming up first if people are following you on Google+. Top of Google’s search rankings just because you have a Google+ account and one of your followers typed a “word” that was written on one of your post, not bad.  Setting up a Google+ Page not only allows you to get easy high rankings, but also share, promote and measure your Google+ page efforts. The earlier you set up a Google+ Page, the sooner you can learn the ins and outs of Google+.

Sharing your Google+ Page

Sharing your Google+ Page allows you to publish post(s), host hangouts and manage your circles. Hangouts are video chats with others on Google+ in real time. Managing your circles gives you the flexibility to arrange your relationships the way you want to: Customers, Friends, Vendors, Colleagues, Competitors, ect. In addition, having well organized circles allows you to deliver certain messages to the people in those circles only.  For example, you have a promotion and you want to send the message only to your customers, Google+ allows you to do that.


Promoting your Google+ Page

Promoting your Google+ Page allows you to share your page with other people in various forms: Google+ Page badge, Google+ Direct Connect and +1 button. A Google+ Page badge is an icon of Google+ on your website. Google+ Direct Connect allows for companies with Google+ Pages to show up in Google’s search engine box, if users put a + symbol before the company name. For example, if you have a brand page called XY Company, then a user enters +XY Company in Google’s search box, he or she will automatically see your Google+ Page. The +1 button is similar to the Facebook Like button. If people approve of the content and click the +1 button, then he or she will share the content with their friends on Google+.

Measuring your Google+ Page

Google+ Pages currently provides Ripples and Social Analytics to obtain analytical information. Ripples show how many people are sharing and resharing your content on Google+. Social Analytics measures +1′s, how engagement on your site changes when personalized recommendations help your content stand out and demographic information about the Google users who have +1’d your site.

Google+ Pages are still in the early phases of development and more changes will come with time.  However the sooner you get your Google+ Page, the better search engine optimization your page will have. This is because Google uses Google+ Pages in their algorithm. So don’t miss this opportunity, set up your page now! If you need assistance in learning more about Google+ Page or setting one up, please contact us at www.softwaysolutions.com or 281.914.4381.

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