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Why Your Brand Needs to be on Tumblr

Tumblr LogoThere are many social networks like Facebook and Twitter which promise a wide reach as an ever growing number of people use these social media channels on a daily basis. However, these websites offer some limitations. While Twitter limits the content posted on the site, Facebook does not allow companies to engage with customers on a deeper level.

Tumblr is one such microblogging site which encourages the formation of communities and connections. The site has features including “like” or “reblog” which are useful in spreading content through a wide network. These features forge connections between diverse blogs and help build deep connections and relationships between brands and consumers.

You can use Tumblr to connect with consumers, by creating a blog. Many brands like Vogue, Newsweek and Mashable have established their presence on Tumblr.  Tumblr offers many advantages for big brands and companies should capitalize on these benefits; some of which are given below.

Curate Content With Ease

Brands should be able to manage content on their blog post. You can curate the content on your Tumblr page. It helps companies establish themselves as the experts, while providing valuable resources for audiences. You can do this by re-blogging details on contests, providing links to industry experts, or providing a link to another related article. Finally, you can also edit posts on Tumblr, providing flexibility and convenience.

Personalize Your Blog

You can personalize your blog as Tumblr provides a high level of personalization. First of all, you can choose a customized domain name for your business. To illustrate further, you can choose a domain name like yourbusiness.tumblr.com or www.yourbusinessblog.com. Secondly, brands can choose from several hundred themes for their blog design. Alternately, they can choose their layout, template and color scheme using HTML and CSS.

Get The Tumblr Advantage

Tumblr Infographic

Many brands have achieved success in their marketing strategies by using Tumblr. However, there are many industries

which are yet to explore this platform. Brands can gain advantage by capitalizing on this platform. When brands use this platform efficiently, they will be seen as leaders in the industry to successfully implement Tumblr as part of their social media strategy.

Keyword Analysis from Google Analytics


A major advantage that Tumblr offers is the ability to track performance metrics of a blog and measure the number of visitors to the site using Google Analytics. You can use the keyword analysis feature offered by Google Analytics, while you’re posting content to a blog. It will help you decide the most effective keywords to use in your blog that will drive traffic to your company website.

Tumblr provides an easy way to blog about your company and generate buzz in the online community through targeted content. If you would like more info on how to utilize Tumblr for your business, contact Softway Solutions at 281-661-3993.

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Search Engine Optimization Tools

For the “do it yourself SEOers”, Softway Solutions has compiled a list of tools that can be beneficial for improving your website’s SEO. Some are free, some are of charge.

One of the main things to first understand is that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires a lot of research initially. The more you know about your website, competitors, and offsite optimization, the more you will know on what needs improvement or not. So let’s start with researching tools that will help your onsite and offsite optimization.

Website Analysis Tools

  • Websitegrader allows you to enter your websites URL and a report of your blog, website, and promotional tools is provided. In addition, you can compare your website with other websites.
  • Woorank allow you to enter your website’s URL and a grade report of your website is provided, along with all the information your website is missing.  Also, Woorank provides a report with On-Site and Off-Site Optimization about your website.

Researching Popular Keywords Tool

  • Google Adwords allows you to research popular keywords for SEO purposes.
  • UberSuggest gives you great keyword ideas – powered by Google’s Suggest.

Onsite Keyword Optimization Tools

  • SEO Bookmarklet allows you to get a report of all your website’s meta data and tags.
  • SEOQuake is real good tool in providing information about your website’s keyword density.

Local Search Optimization Tool

  • Yext provides the advantage of entering your company’s basic information and see where and how your business is listed under free online listings.

Measuring Your Work Tools

  • Google Analytics is a very popular tool to measure your website’s performance. Google Analytics provides information such as how many impressions and visits your website gets, referral sources or direct clicks, geographical information and more.
  • Omniture provides a platform of web analytics and online business optimization for your website.

Sometimes managing all this tools can become confusing. Contact Softway Solutions to help you take care of and maximize all available SEO tools.

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