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Are Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Fruitful? Marketing

Social media marketing is how you can make your business stand out in the market and build your list of loyal customers. Building your brand can result in customer retention, thereby attracting new customers through word of mouth. We have a great number of tools to analyze your social media presence. These tools provide you with accurate and quantitative data. Once data is in hand,...

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Jingle Bells Chime in Jingle Bell Vines Marketing

What better way than to bring in the holidays with your favorite form of quality entertainment, Vines! It doesn’t take more than 10 seconds of your day and you can watch it on the go. These vines captures motion, sound, and your attention for the brands that you love the most. Brian Gavin Diamonds Parabox creative outdid themselves with the gift of a lifetime. (Well, a...

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Putting the Emotion in Emotional Branding Marketing

A strong emotional connection between your target audience and your brand can boost your sales and increase customer loyalty. People are interested in buying emotional experiences – brands that can create an emotional bond. For example, you love those cookies you used to eat with your beloved grandma when you were a kid. Well, those cookies are now pricey. Are you still going to buy...

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Social Media Engagement – A Modern Way for Improving Brand Loyalty Marketing

If posting in social media is important, it’s more important to keep the posts going. Every company is racing to promote themselves in the mammoth platform of social media. To keep yourself first in queue, you must be constantly engaged with your customers. We all know that the new marketing strategy is to educate and engage by keeping your target customers updated by your posts on...

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AIDA at your Service… Marketing

You might be thinking about the various models to formulate a digital marketing strategy, which may be difficult, if you don’t know where to start. But the good news is there are various resources available for you to start with.  What’s the next step as a digital marketer? Is there a solid model that we can bank upon? Yes, there are various quick tips on...

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