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Deeplinking in Mobile Apps – Diving Deep in Digital Marketing

The stake of mobile in the digital marketing arena, as forecasted for the year envisions the opportunities ahead for marketers. Digital marketers should streamline their mobile marketing strategies to lead the market. What factors hold good for a quality landing page is also applicable to mobile apps. The ads that are featured in the app […]

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Mobile Apps in Enterprise Mobility – 4 Key Challenges

Do you believe incorporating enterprise mobility in your organization is a step forward? Are you one of those cutting edge companies that encourages BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)? If yes, you’d be happy to see recent statistics on how majority of organizations are adapting to enterprise mobility with mobile apps. Mobile apps are now an […]

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Phoneblok prototype

Roadblocks to Phonebloks

Planned obsolescence in industrial design is the policy of planning or designing a product with a limited useful life, so it will become obsolete, that is, unfashionable or no longer functional after a certain period of time.

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Finally! You can Buy Stuff with your Bitcoins!

At Softway Solutions we pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest developments in technology. So, when we heard about Bitcoin, a new experimental virtual currency, we were intrigued. We first heard about it a few years back, but with all the new media attention, we figured it was worth revisiting.

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ToothIQ JR. App Released

Have you ever tried to teach a toddler proper toothbrush procedures? It’s not easy. But it might be a little easier now, with the ToothIQ JR. App, designed and developed by Softway Solutions. The ToothIQ JR. project started about one year ago. iTooth Apps came to us with an idea for an app that was […]

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Tellepsen Website and Perry Homes iPad App Released

Ah, yes! Nothing like enjoying the end of a busy week, where two projects go live. Someone bring in Shipley’s for breakfast. We’re going to sushi for lunch. And we’ll wash it all down with a ‘happy hour’ at E.O.D. Job well done!… til Monday comes. Then it’s on to bigger problems and better solutions. […]

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Look, Simba. Links From Around The Web – Friday January 18th, 2013

Look, Simba. Everything the internet touches is our kingdom. With all the creative problem-solving that occurs day-in and day-out throughout Softway’s workscape, staying constantly updated with technology and news is crucial. Because technology powers innovation. Or, is it the other way around? The chicken? Or, the egg? Doesn’t matter now. You need both to cultivate. […]

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There Might Be Scrum-thing To This

“Individuals and interactions over processes and tools; Working software over comprehensive documentation; Customer collaboration over contract negotiation; Responding to change over following a plan.” –    The Agile Manifesto      In every sense of the word we are a growing company. Though we’re reaping the returns of our hard work, external growth outpacing internal growth makes […]

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Softway Solutions Launches Award-Winning Medical Mobile App

Recently, Softway Solutions was recognized for the great development of a mobile application at the 14th annual 2012 Web Health Awards.  Out of a pool of more than 600 mobile application entries, Softway Solutions was awarded the Bronze Web Health Award for the work done on the Auscultation Primer medical mobile app. Designed for mobile […]

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Softway Solutions Mobile App, iScout, is featured in local news again

Page Parkes, a client of Softway Solutions, was interviewed by Houston’s ABC 13 evening news on February 22, 2012. Parkes, co-founder of Page Parkes Corporation, is receiving national exposure through her role on the show Scouted with airs 10/9 Central Monday nights on E!. Page Parkes Corporation had Softway Solutions create a scouting mobile application searching […]

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