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Mad Love

I hope we never lose sight of one important axiom in life: There are things in life money can’t buy. In business: You can buy more talent. You can buy better talent. You can buy great gear, fast computers and better office space.

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cartoon work hell

Resist Work. Do FUN!

cartoon work hell One of the most fascinating aspects of working as a “creative” is the natural resistance of the creative process to efficiency. Are there project management tools? Yes. They help. How about cloud storage and collaborative tools? Yes. And yes. They help too. Combined, they do make creative life easier. But they are […]

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Creative Commons Guidant Les Contributeurs

In The Future Everyone Will Be Creative

They say, “In the future everyone will be creative.” I hope that’s true. It’s an arbitrary separation which puts the artist on the left and the engineer on the right.

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Merichem Makes Product Search

          Softway recently helped launch a new website for Merichem, a Houston-based company serving the oil and gas industries with focused technology, chemical and service solutions. Merichem pioneered the recovery of cresylic acids or phenolic products from refinery caustics. Basically, they’re a tree-huggers dream when it comes to capturing and reusing the […]

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ToothIQ JR. App Released

Have you ever tried to teach a toddler proper toothbrush procedures? It’s not easy. But it might be a little easier now, with the ToothIQ JR. App, designed and developed by Softway Solutions. The ToothIQ JR. project started about one year ago. iTooth Apps came to us with an idea for an app that was […]

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A Multimedia Director at SXSW Interactive: Part Two

The second day was jammed packed with panels, events, and thousands of people! You expect it to be huge but the mass of people outside and inside the dozens of venues were staggering. At any given time there are 20 plus events happening and each one seemed to have lines forming 45 minutes before it […]

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How to Prepare for a Business Development Networking Event

Our Business Development team at Softway Solutions takes Business very seriously. When it comes time to make a deal, they are completely and utterly prepared in every aspect of the word. A lot of work (and caffeine) goes into preparing for a great business meeting.  When making connections and closing deals are the names of […]

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Softway’s design Team Places Second For Logo Design

Yesterday we announced that we won second place for logo design in the American Design Awards (ADA). An internationally-recognized independent awards program, the ADA recognizes designers from around the world who produce innovative and creative design pieces. Our design team submitted to the ADA Summer Quarterly Design Awards the logo they created for YetiCars, an […]

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There Might Be Scrum-thing To This

“Individuals and interactions over processes and tools; Working software over comprehensive documentation; Customer collaboration over contract negotiation; Responding to change over following a plan.” –    The Agile Manifesto      In every sense of the word we are a growing company. Though we’re reaping the returns of our hard work, external growth outpacing internal growth makes […]

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Burnie & Earl: Can You Dig It?!

Recently, Softway Solutions had the privilege of creating a coloring book for the up and coming animation stars, Burnie & Earl. The idea for Burnie & Earl originated from Kid Energy USA. The purpose of Burnie & Earl is to educate adults and kids regarding how much oil and gas related products impact our lives. […]

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