Augmented Reality and its world of possibilities Technology

The Iron Man, Tony Stark and his magic played with technology in thin air never ceases to fascinate me. I dream that at some point I get to interact with such technical brilliance besides just watching it on screen. The answer is not far. At this very moment, it’s being explored and making its impact felt through a developing discipline called Augmented Reality (AR). It...

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Reality check; bugs in software development Technology

Prep yourself for something cool! It’s time to develop bug-free programs! Give us a call we’ll help develop 100% bug-free software programs. Success guaranteed! SPAMMMER!! It’s no doubt that claims on 100% bug-free programs by most development companies are far from truth. Even though we want flawless products or business scenarios, the reality is that 100% bug-free Software development is still a myth to be...

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