Vine challenge - movie moments

Judging the Mashable Vine Challenge

Today was the end of the road for the Mashable Vine Challenge that asked participants to recreate classic movie moments in 6-seconds. Softway’s parabox creative team judged the competition and today they released the results. First place in the competition was a recreation from the movie Buddy by Lawrence Becker Second place went to Johnny […]

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Mad Love

I hope we never lose sight of one important axiom in life: There are things in life money can’t buy. In business: You can buy more talent. You can buy better talent. You can buy great gear, fast computers and better office space.

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cartoon work hell

Resist Work. Do FUN!

cartoon work hell One of the most fascinating aspects of working as a “creative” is the natural resistance of the creative process to efficiency. Are there project management tools? Yes. They help. How about cloud storage and collaborative tools? Yes. And yes. They help too. Combined, they do make creative life easier. But they are […]

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Creative Commons Guidant Les Contributeurs

In The Future Everyone Will Be Creative

They say, “In the future everyone will be creative.” I hope that’s true. It’s an arbitrary separation which puts the artist on the left and the engineer on the right.

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Understanding Communication System Boundaries

When designing a custom communication system it’s important to know your boundaries and talk about the boundaries. Sometimes these boundaries are created for us by the systems we are working within. Talking about these perceived boundaries will help you determine whether or not you can create your own. Why is it important to understand boundaries […]

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How To Prepare a Brief

Before you begin a creative project, write a brief. A brief should be just that, brief. It should be a distillation of specific, relevant information about the client, market and target audience. You might have a Project Manager or Account Executive to do this for you depending on where you work. If not, make one […]

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Settling Into a New Office with Our US Team

June 2, 2014 marked a huge accomplishment for Softway Solutions as we moved into a new office with much more space, new furniture and an open bullpen for many teams to work together in a collaborative manner.   The office move started in late 2013 when we started planning construction for building out the 18,000 […]

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Google Partners Connect

Several of Softway Solutions’ clients arrived at our office last week where we simulcast Google Partners Connect, an hour with a panel of marketing and advertising experts from Google. They gave advice to questions via YouTube, offered tools and explained various techniques, not only for growing a business online but also for choosing the right […]

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Vine Logo

Mike Stenger Interviews Our Advertising Director: Hunter Harrison

Fun to Fans in 6 Seconds is an interview with the founder of parabox creative and Softway’s advertising director, Hunter Harrison. Stenger starts with a strong statement about Harrison’s doubts about the Vine platform and his initial reaction to call it “redonkulous” and follow that statement with a 6-second video about how “redonkulous” it is. […]

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