Softway Solutions’ President Visits Office in India

Mohammad Anwar participating in festivities

Mohammad Anwar participating in festivities


Our President and co-founder, Mohammad Anwar, recently visited our office in Bangalore, India for the first time this year. Mohammad brought back with him some very exciting updates about happenings in our India operations and the company threw a family day party where the staff was encouraged to celebrate Softway’s success with their family and co-workers.

Family Day Event

The 29th of March this year was a memorable one for all employees at Softway Solutions India; we had the pleasure of having our families and a few employees  from our US Team enjoy this event. Gracing the occasion were Mohammad Anwar-CEO & President, Mike Chaney-CFO, Taban Rashid-Financial Controller, Danny Gavin-Internet Marketing Director and client as well as the a valued client Amir Eskafayan, Co-founder of Torch Energy.
Hosted at The Infantry Hotel, Central Bangalore, the program commenced at 6 p.m. with the broadcasting of the “Thank you- Video featuring Mike & David“ as well as the “Softway Retrospective,” so that families could have an insight into the history behind Softway Solutions and the spirit of celebration for the success achieved so far. We had leadership team members deliver inspirational and emotional speeches that included Capt. Khalil Anwar-Co-Founder, Mohammad Anwar, Taj Anwar- Co-Founder & MD, Mike Chaney and Danny Gavin. Following this we had a round of Housie, the Lucky Draw call and loads of Bollywood dances and solo performances that eventually got everybody on the dance floor.

Dancing at Family Day Event

Group Performance at Family Day Event

R&D Project Leads to Experimenting with Development Methodologies

Our first software based R&D project has resulted in the team deciding to take on a new development methodology called behavioral coding. Traditional software development is led with consensus on a feature list, black and white mockups and a schedule for completing all of the features and making them look like the mockups.  Behavioral coding has the same desired outcome but the project is not based around features.  At times, features can be interpreted differently based on who is reading them.  With behavioral coding, the quality assurance team steps in early on and defines step-by-step behaviors that the features need to meet.  The development team will use the step-by-step behaviors to determine whether or not their work meets the needs of the software.


Our President noted, “Given the progress on this project the level of quality far exceeds expectations usually seen mid-way.  We will continue to look for opportunities to set up projects utilizing this methodology.”


Establishing Dedicated Teams for Turnkey CMS Integrations

As the wild world of the web becomes more adapted and evolved, technologies are becoming easier and more turnkey for the end user.  The CMS revolution is a great example of off-the-shelf solutions that are aimed at empowering the non-developers to build websites. Softway Solutions has been utilizing CMS platforms since their inception but we have approached these integrations in a silo embodied as a custom solution.  We are now creating dedicated teams who will be solely focused on working within 1 CMS platform. These teams will be trained and refined to focus on excellence, timeliness and dependably high quality of execution.

The CMS systems we are choosing to start this initiative with are Joomla, Magento and Sitefinity.

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Screenshot from Estimote website

Map apps are great for navigating roads and using public transportation, but not so great for navigating indoors or wilderness. The ability of beacons to provide micro-location or navigation and geo-fencing makes it a welcome addition to the map apps we’ve become accustomed to.

Three exciting areas of use for beacons are public transportation, museum tours and national parks.

By using proximity beacons for mass transit, people who ride public transportation can get arrival, departure and next trip information in real time based on their destination. Many of you will argue that Google Maps already handles part of this burden. However the majority of data is based on schedule data and not based on where the bus, cab or train actually is at that moment. This would cut down on the hassle of pre-planning every trip and boost the confidence of people who rely on mass transit to get around town.

The ability of museums to provide interactive tours using the comfort of your own headset and the mobile phone you have in your pocket is an advantage to offering a more personal experience when touring the latest art exhibits.

National parks can add excitement by pointing out unique and interesting features people should check out when they visit, and help people navigate the seemingly non-distinct landmarks and trails that sometimes confuse city dwellers out for a bit of nature.

In an age of privacy concerns, it’s understandable most people are talking about the privacy implications of retailers using beacons for marketing purposes and gathering customer behavior data. However, it’s eclipsing the broader and more exciting uses.

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The Jokes on Comic Sans

Softway Comic Neue

Our designer John Meng gets cute with Comic Neue.

As the saying goes, “Everything old is neue again.” And that’s the case with the much maligned Comic Sans created by Vincent Connare. Recently refreshed to Comic Neue by designer Craig Rozynski, Comic Neue could be the new go-to font for party posters, wedding invites and scientific announcements.


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Softway Solutions Attends HIMA Career Fair


Softway Solutions Career Fair tableSoftway Solutions sponsored a table at the University of Houston this past Wednesday for the 2nd Annual Interactive + Marketing Career Fair. Thanks to the organization and planning of the Houston Interactive Marketing Association and the C.T. Bauer College of Business we were able to meet and converse with tomorrow’s internet marketers.

We never pass up the chance to meet with the next batch of freshly trained minds and the University of Houston is a frequent stop for this purpose. During the five hour career fair, we came across a diverse group of Houston-area graduate and undergraduate students, most from UH, some from the nearby Texas Southern University and even a few job hunters who had just come back from spending time abroad.

We met with business majors, grad students with a marketing degree and a plethora of other disciplines. Some job seekers had backgrounds in analytics and graphic design which are a big focus for hiring at Softway Solutions. Regardless, all of them knew why they were there: Internet Marketing. From Social Media, to Mobile Web Development, to User Experience Design, the career possibilities in Internet Marketing are as diverse as the students who want to be a part of it.

Softway is always looking for fresh talent in both our US and India offices.  We are firm believers in giving individuals their first opportunity to prove their worth in interactive digital services. When specializing in taking innovation to the next level by challenging our clients to grow their dreams, we believe that fresh eyes and fresh talent are a big leg up on the competition.

Softway Solutions currently has 2 advanced positions that were not advertised at the career fair and they can be found by accessing our LinkedIn page.




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Tapping into Computer Vision












Computer vision offers wonderful possibilities for creating fantastic machines that “see” and process information as well as a deeper understanding of our own abilities.


The image posted with this article is taken from the wiki on computer vision, and shows a diagram of the complexities involved in building machines that can recognize the world at large.


There’s much that goes into reproducing what we do effortlessly everyday.

Computer vision has a number of uses for controlling processes, navigation, detecting events, organizing information, modeling objects, interaction and automatic inspection.

Applications include: smarter industrial robots, autonomous vehicles, mobile robots, visual surveillance, indexing images, medical imaging and manufacturing.

You already know, love and play with this technology every time you turn on your Xbox One, or it’s early iteration the Xbox Kinect. However, it’s opening up a world of possibilities outside of gaming.

Imagine a world where industrial robots are programmed to do a task by merely watching a human perform the task first. Imagine, being examined by a robot that sees the inside and outside of you for a medical checkup. Imagine, a vehicle that can be driven autonomously and fits itself into a swarm of other vehicles to keep traffic moving swiftly. The practical applications are many and varied.

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Get Richer With Rich Media

As noted by The Internet Marketing Academy, animated videos are a friendly way of attracting attention and further improving your conversion rates. But it’s not the only way.

We agree with IMA, animated videos are great! We’ve produced quite a few for our clients. But we also know a few other tricks you will find helpful in converting your visitors.


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2013 AAF ADDY Awards Brings Gold ADDY to Softway Solutions

Attending the AAF Houston Addy® Awards was an exciting and star-studded experience whose awards brought honor and prowess to Softway Solutions and our client

Softway Solutions and Bid Serious group photo On February 13, 2014, Softway Solutions attended our first ever AAF Houston Addy ® Awards after making the finalist cut for the website and promotional animated video for client Bid Serious.  Several members of both the client and Softway’s teams attended the gallery style cocktail party hosted at The Bell Tower in Houston’s Heights neighborhood to receive a Gold Addy® for the website and a Certificate of Excellence for the video.

When it came time to think of the best contender for the Houston’s 2013 ADDY® Awards, Softway Solutions knew that the Bid Serious products would be a strong contender.  Having never attended the Addy® awards, we were very impresed with the turnout and the passion from the attendees for high-quality advertising campaigns.


Bid Serious Homepage Featuring Animated Promotional Video

The Bid Serious website launched a beta version in October 2013 which showcased an animated video educating the viewer on the penny auction website’s concept. The branding, user experience, video and website development were all custom created to meet the needs of the client and the project was ‘under construction’ for roughly 8 months prior to releasing the beta version.

The gallery event featured several print campaigns, a logo gallery and a rich-media gallery showcasing many videos and demos of digital products.

The awards segment was kept short and sweet and they also honored Susan Saurage-Altenloh, President of Sourage Research Inc., for her commitment and dedication to the field of advertising with her marketing research expertise and specifically her positive influence on the AAF Houston organization.

The road is not over for the Bid Serious website on its journey through the AAF Addy® award season as it will move onto the district awards show and hopefully continue through the rankings to the national Addy® Awards.

More information about Softway Solutions’ night at the Houston Addy® Awards can be found through PRWeb by clicking here:

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Roadblocks to Phonebloks

Planned obsolescence in industrial design is the policy of planning or designing a product with a limited useful life, so it will become obsolete, that is, unfashionable or no longer functional after a certain period of time.


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Google Glass Post-Hype


Saif Khan, Mobile & Application Director

Saif Khan, Mobile & Application Director

Google Glass is a project that completely captures the imagination. It conjures futuristic sci-fi scenarios in the mind. However, Google Glass is asking technology adventurers to invent applications for use with it today.

For this reason, Glass is currently only available to early testers and technology companies. Basically, it’s in the hands of people who can quickly develop for it as a platform and build compelling applications.


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The Measured Self

Wearable electronics are the new frontier. There are over two-dozen startups and a handful of major players in this space creating wearable electronic tracking devices. Wearables fall into several categories, including: life-logging, brainwave readers, exercise trackers, glasses, watches and clothes. All of them promise a better future through the capture of precious moments or the measuring of the self.


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