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Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Learning

Many businesses are now offering their employees online training in departmental policies and procedures. Mobile learning allows small and large companies to deliver important information through various media outlets such as desktops, laptops, handheld devices, or smart phones. Mobile learning has brought an unprecedented level of effectiveness in assuring an employee understands and retains the […]

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Embrace Digital Touch Points, Relish The Experience…

I am awestruck with the facts of internet users increasing day by day and the impact of social media. This makes me think, what is in it for me or for all the people engaged? Can I really use the internet in all of these ways? (Typical mindset right??) Coming out of the subjective thought […]

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Gamification for Your Salesforce! Not for Competition But Inclusive Co-Opetition

In accomplishing business objectives, the prevailing digital era poses new and complex challenges to take on. We break our head day in and day out to run our customer focused business model. Simultaneously, we should consider the vitality of our internal stakeholder’s engagement towards work and strategize to engage them in a better way irrespective […]

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5 Must-Haves for a Top-Notch Mobile User Experience

A recent study shows mobile commerce is estimated at $87 Billion by 2014 causing business promoters to rethink their mobile marketing strategy to bite off this share. What really matters when marketing via mobile? When was the last time you visited a site that made you venture for a login button? Ever experience the need […]

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Judging the Mashable Vine Challenge

Today was the end of the road for the Mashable Vine Challenge that asked participants to recreate classic movie moments in 6-seconds. Softway’s parabox creative team judged the competition and today they released the results. First place in the competition was a recreation from the movie Buddy by Lawrence Becker Second place went to Johnny […]

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Mad Love

I hope we never lose sight of one important axiom in life: There are things in life money can’t buy. In business: You can buy more talent. You can buy better talent. You can buy great gear, fast computers and better office space.

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Resist Work. Do FUN!

cartoon work hell One of the most fascinating aspects of working as a “creative” is the natural resistance of the creative process to efficiency. Are there project management tools? Yes. They help. How about cloud storage and collaborative tools? Yes. And yes. They help too. Combined, they do make creative life easier. But they are […]

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Creative Commons Guidant Les Contributeurs

In The Future Everyone Will Be Creative

They say, “In the future everyone will be creative.” I hope that’s true. It’s an arbitrary separation which puts the artist on the left and the engineer on the right.

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Understanding Communication System Boundaries

When designing a custom communication system it’s important to know your boundaries and talk about the boundaries. Sometimes these boundaries are created for us by the systems we are working within. Talking about these perceived boundaries will help you determine whether or not you can create your own. Why is it important to understand boundaries […]

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